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HBarScan.com is an etherscan.io equivalent for Hedera Hashgraph!

HBarScan.com is the FIRST and only Events Explorer, API and Analytics Platform for Hedera Hashgraph network - a decentralized smart contracts platform administered and governed by Hedera Hashgraph Council.


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Road map

Query accounts on Testnet.
Query accounts on Mainnet.
In progress...!
Launch/Talk-to Mirror-Node(s).
Launch File/Storage Explorer.
Launch Analytics Dashboard.
Launch Mirror-Node Ranking.
View Transaction History.
Transaction Alert | Events Notification.
Launch Events Explorer.
Provide API services via Payper (global hackathon winner!).
Launch Smart Contract Explorer.


Why ONLY Testnet(126)?

Hedera Hashgraph runs many testnet-networks which run in silos. We need to have a root account in a particular testnet-network, in order to query about account belonging to that testnet-network. And, having a root account in each of the testnet-networks is currently not possible per KYC. As our root-account is tied to testnet-126, we are allowed to query only testnet.hedera.com:50126. This shouldn't be an issue, once we go live with mainnet!

Why do I get -1 TinyBars as balance?

If the account does not exist, then balance will be shown as -1 TinyBars.

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